Migrants in Italy Are Happier Than Locals


Migrants in Italy feel much happier than locals. These data were published by the national statistics agency Istat, reports The Local.


Thus, 60.8 percent of the interviewed migrants rated their satisfaction with life at 8 out of 10 points. For indigenous people, these indicators were 20 percent lower. As the newspaper notes, the economic crisis is most likely to blame.


Most migrants – 58 percent – are satisfied with their jobs. First of all, we are talking about residents of Moldova and the Philippines. While Ukrainians and Chinese complain that they cannot always find a job.


The Number of Migrants in Russia Increased by Almost 40%


Migrants in Russia Increased: Russia ranks second in the world in terms of the number of migrants. In recent years, the number of migrants in Russia has increased by almost 40%. According to the Federal Migration Service of Russia, in 2013 17 million 342 thousand foreigners entered Russia, of which 7 million 76 thousand people registered for migration registration (in 2012 – 15.9 million foreigners, of whom 6 million were registered. 480 thousand). For seven months of 2014 – 10 million 470 thousand 414 foreigners and 5 million 453 thousand 137 people, respectively.

There are 11 million 458 thousand 111 foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation (data as of July 2014). Of these, according to First Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman, only 1.5 million are legally employed.
According to the Federal Migration Service, in 2013 fines totaling 6 billion 450 million rubles were imposed for violations of migration legislation. 2 million 530 thousand people were brought to administrative responsibility. The entrance is closed for 450 thousand foreigners.

Moscow is the leader among Russian regions in terms of the number of migrants. In addition, the capital accounts for a quarter of all illegal immigrants expelled from the country. According to the FMS, in 2013, 1.5 million migrants lived in the capital. Most of them are citizens of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


Migrant Deportation Statistics 2014


According to the FMS, in the first half of 2014, 62.5 thousand foreigners were expelled from the country for violation of migration legislation. At the same time, more than 900 thousand people cannot return for violations of Russian laws.

The main violation is exceeding the period of legal stay on the territory of Russia. According to the Federal Migration Service, more than 3 million foreigners have exceeded their stay in Russia.

In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation”, upon the expiration of the period of stay, a foreign citizen is obliged to leave Russia within 3 days. If the temporary residence permit is canceled, then the foreigner is obliged to leave the country within 15 days.

A foreigner who does not fulfill these requirements is subject to deportation. The decision to deport a migrant is made by the head of the territorial body of the FMS. Deportation is carried out at the expense of a foreigner who has invited him or the embassy (consular department) of the country of which he is a citizen.


Migrants Are Carrying “Secret Syphilis”


Migrants Are Carrying “Secret Syphilis”

“MK” finds out the reasons for the outbreak of venereal diseases in the Saratov region and other Russian regions


The Saratov region found itself in the center of a “venereal scandal” when on October 21, at a meeting of the local city council committee, deputy Alexander Vantsov announced shocking statistics: the number of syphilis sufferers in the region increased by 24%. “The people are rotting!” – simply and clearly summed up the deputy. Where do the doctors look? Could it be that medical unscrupulousness is to blame for this surge?



In January-June 2014, the incidence of syphilis in the Saratov region increased by 24% compared to the same period last year – 488 cases against 394.