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is a project for people, for caring citizens who face the problems of modern cities every day. Every year 14 million people enter Russia, from 3 to 5 million dissolve somewhere in the country. Today every seventh inhabitant of Russia is an immigrant. They live next to us. In our entrances, attics, basements, store backrooms and non-residential warehouses. FMS in 2012 deported from the country a little more than 5,000 illegal immigrants.


is a form of public control of the national question. If the FMS, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations do not want to deal with the problem, we can and must make them work! To do this, you need to select on the map the place of residence of illegal immigrants, or the commission of an offense, and add a brief description of the situation. Our experts will send requests to government agencies with the requirement to check the situation. 


If today everyone does not take control of the situation, tomorrow we will not have our city and the whole country. Just 3 clicks can change your city!