50 Illegal Migrants Identified in St. Petersburg

The prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg checked the Kalinin vegetable base for violations of migration legislation. According to the press service of the city prosecutor’s office, more than 50 migrants were found on the territory of the general base, whose documents raised doubts about their authenticity.

Also, the prosecutor’s office was interested in an organization that attracted 3 foreign citizens to work without a corresponding work permit.

On this fact, a representation was made to the organization’s management. Also, 6 decisions were made to initiate an administrative offense case against a legal entity and a guilty official.

At present, the Administrative materials have been sent for consideration to the Kalininsky District Court. Penalties for these violations range from 250 to 850 thousand rubles. for one person illegally recruited by the organization.

Also, during the check on the territory of the base, an organization was identified that provides services to migrants for registration, work permits and other documents. Currently, this fact is being checked.

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