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Migrants in Italy Are Happier Than Locals

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Migrants in Italy feel much happier than locals. These data were published by the national statistics agency Istat, reports The Local.   Thus, 60.8 percent of the interviewed migrants rated their satisfaction with life at 8 out of 10 points. For indigenous…

Migrant Deportation Statistics 2014

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According to the FMS, in the first half of 2014, 62.5 thousand foreigners were expelled from the country for violation of migration legislation. At the same time, more than 900 thousand people cannot return for violations of Russian laws. The main…

Migrants Are Carrying “Secret Syphilis”

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Migrants Are Carrying “Secret Syphilis” “MK” finds out the reasons for the outbreak of venereal diseases in the Saratov region and other Russian regions   The Saratov region found itself in the center of a “venereal scandal” when on October…