Illegal Migration in Russia – No Migrants Back Translated

Migration, especially illegal migration is the issue of the 21st century. Most people view this problem through the lens of what is happening in their nation. However, illegal migration is not just a problem where you are located, it is affecting every country in the world.

People in Russia were and are still upset about illegal migration. This lead to development of this site,, No Migrants in Russian. It provided a historical overview of grass roots activism against migration during the aughts and the teens. We thought such a historical record deserved to live on so we brought it back. But, this time it is in English, with Russian version available.

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On the Plans of “Changing the People” in the Russian Federation.

On the Plans of “Changing the People” in the Russian Federation.

In the report “Russia: Migration Challenges of the 21st Century” presented to the President of the Russian Federation, HSE and INSOR economists Olga Vorobyova, Evgeny Gontmakher, Zhanna Zayonchkovskaya, Leonid Rybakovsky set forth thoughts that frighten me with some kind of inhuman, leaden madness.
These are not just the thoughts of enemies – it would be half the trouble if they were just enemies – these are the thoughts of dangerous psychopaths with a perverted and turned inside out logic (but present!) Of psychopaths, clothed with status, influence, authority and the ability to enter high spheres as experts.

Economists-demographers begin with a long enumeration of the facts of the Russian extinction, without naming the reasons for it.

“The rapid decline in labor potential … this is the main feature of the labor resource situation in the coming decade … Over the past twelve years, Russia has been losing annually due to the excess of deaths over births from 700 to 1,000 thousand people … Not only will the population decline, but also the labor potential of the country …

As a result, the accelerating economic development of the country will face a labor shortage in the coming years … According to all variants of the demographic forecast of the State Statistics Committee of Russia, a sharp decline in the number and proportion of the population under the age of working age is expected. ”

This we quote briefly the essence, and there it is smeared with figures and calculations on several pages. Further, the mental twist of the gontmachers defies any comprehension. I would rather quote in the original and comment after: “… the implementation of significant GDP growth and, on this basis, an increase in per capita production and poverty reduction is the basis on which Russia can strengthen its geopolitical status and defend its national interests with dignity. Russia will not be able to become an economically powerful state with the necessary natural and geographical resources if it does not preserve its territorial integrity. Along the entire perimeter of the state, starting with the Sakhalin region and ending with the Kaliningrad enclave, neighbors claim Russian territory. Obviously, the border areas are all the more tempting,

To Readers

To Readers

A year ago, an appeal to the President and members of the State Duma appeared on our website to stop the migration invasion into Russia and introduce a visa regime with the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus .During the year, this appeal was signed by about 15 thousand people. We informed the authorities about this fact, however, as expected, there was no reaction. On the contrary, later migrants to Russia only increased and the situation changed from tense to catastrophic. The authorities thoughtlessly continue their policy of the entrance courtyard: almost every day the media report on clashes on ethnic grounds, and in fact only a small part of what happens between the indigenous people and immigrants in our country gets into the media. It is quite obvious that further development of the situation in this direction will lead to full-scale bloodshed between the newcomers from the South and the indigenous population of the country. And, one gets the impression that nothing can stop him. So let everyone at least know who is to blame.

From that moment on, our site from a voting site turns into an informant site, on which relevant materials on the problem of unwanted and illegal migration to Russia will be posted; crimes of immigrants and against immigrants, as well as analytical and polemical materials on this issue.

Migration Issues in the United Kingdom

Labor’s twelve-year rule was marked by confusion over immigration controls and serious abuses in the granting of citizenship to those concerned. During this period, leaders of the radical opposition of developing countries, international terrorists, heads of corporations with dubious or openly criminal capital received political asylum, and obtaining citizenship turned into an extensive business network for organizing the sale of passports with a slight political technological flavor.

Over the 12 years of the Labor government, 5 interior ministers have been replaced, promising to tighten migration controls, a new law on migration policy was adopted almost every year, accompanied by comprehensive criticism of its provisions for ignoring the real problems caused by essentially uncontrolled migration. The situation in 1997, before the arrival of the Conservatives in 2010, only worsened.

“Poor but Clean” Tenement Houses for Guest Workers Will Appear in St. Petersburg

“Poor but Clean” Tenement Houses for Guest Workers Will Appear in St. Petersburg

Apartment houses for labor migrants will be built in St. Petersburg. As Governor Valentina Matvienko said at a press conference today, the accommodation of the guest workers will be paid for by the companies, they were brought in, the correspondent of St. reports.

“These will not be fashionable houses there will be poor, but neat,” said Matvienko, adding that thanks to the apartment buildings, it will be possible to keep accurate records of visiting workers. Families who find themselves in difficult situations will also be able to use such houses.

The mayor stressed that St. Petersburg cannot do without attracting workers from different regions, because Petersburgers themselves are not attracted to the work that migrants do. But guest workers, Matvienko noted, must stay in the city legally and in normal conditions.

“I am in favor of legal migrants in St. Petersburg, first of all, these should be people from the North – West and other regions of Russia,” the head of the city believes.