To Readers

To Readers

A year ago, an appeal to the President and members of the State Duma appeared on our website to stop the migration invasion into Russia and introduce a visa regime with the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus .During the year, this appeal was signed by about 15 thousand people. We informed the authorities about this fact, however, as expected, there was no reaction. On the contrary, later migrants to Russia only increased and the situation changed from tense to catastrophic. The authorities thoughtlessly continue their policy of the entrance courtyard: almost every day the media report on clashes on ethnic grounds, and in fact only a small part of what happens between the indigenous people and immigrants in our country gets into the media. It is quite obvious that further development of the situation in this direction will lead to full-scale bloodshed between the newcomers from the South and the indigenous population of the country. And, one gets the impression that nothing can stop him. So let everyone at least know who is to blame.

From that moment on, our site from a voting site turns into an informant site, on which relevant materials on the problem of unwanted and illegal migration to Russia will be posted; crimes of immigrants and against immigrants, as well as analytical and polemical materials on this issue.

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